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Cincy Leaf Removal

Curbside Pickup & Full Service Cleanup

Curbside Pick up

You rake them to the curb, we pick them up and haul them away! Starting at $75 we will haul away your pile of leaves. Choose a size to get started.


Small Pickup

6 x15'


6 x15'

Medium Pickup

6 x50'


Large Pickup

6 x100'


Full Service Fall Cleanup

Full Service Fall Cleanup is perfect for you if you want to leave all the dirty work to us. 

A full service cleanup includes our team cleaning all of the leaves on your property up as well as hauling them all away. We will clean your lawn and garden beds free of leaves and leave you with a clean yard.

This service is custom tailored to each specific property and will be quoted as such on an individual basis. Prices start at $295 for a full leaf cleanup and removal. An instant ballpark quote can be provided with pictures of the property and an online aerial assessment followed by an in-person formal quote. 

Some services often paired with a full fall cleanup that may be included as a la carte 

  • Perennials cut back for winter

  • Winter selective pruning of shrubbery

  • Ornamental grasses cut back for winter 

  • Bed edging and shaping

  • Winter floral and pots installation

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