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lawn seeding aeration slit seeding cincinnati

Fertilizer and Weed Control

A healthy, thick, and lush lawn does not happen by itself, nor does it happen overnight. We have the knowledge and experience to get your lawn on the right track that's needed so it can look the best on the block. 


We offer fertilizer applications that will feed your lawn so it will be healthy and green. We also offer organic fertilizer for those that are interested.

Weed Control

The first step to the lawn you've always wanted is controlling the weeds. We offer pre emergent solutions to stop the weeds from ever germinating as well as post emergent applications to kill those that are already there.


Aeration is the best thing that money can buy to improve the health of your lawn. Aeration pulls cores out of the ground and break them up in to little pieces allowing the ground to be less dense and compact resulting in better root growth and less watering. This service is recommended to be done every fall when the temperatures cool down but the grass is still growing. This service is by far the most effective things dollar for dollar that can be done to your lawn. 


Seeding can be done in two common ways. The first method to seed is to do it along with aerating. When the lawn is aerated there are already holes in the ground creating a protected bed for the grass seeds. The second method is to use a slit seeder which will create a bunch of little grooves 1/2" deep in the soil. This method uses more seed paired with the perfect seed bed and is the most effective way to seed a lawn. However, because of how effective this method is, it is not necessary for every lawn. Contact us and we can help determine which route would be best suited to bring your lawn to its fullest potential.

lawn aeration lawn seeding cincinnati
lawn aeration lawn seeding cincinnati

Aeration Plugs

Slit Seeding

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