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landscaping installation cincinnati
landscaping installation cincinnati

Landscape Installation

A well designed landscape can be the difference between an average space to a memorable space. When working with us, our certified team will design a landscape plan that suits the visions you have for your property. We have the knowledge and experience to design a space with proper plant sizing, composition, color, and balance, All of these elements are vital and we committed to designing  space that best incorporates all of these. 

The process

A residential landscape project does not have to be overwhelming, given you are working with a qualified team who is an expert in the process. The process of landscaping your yard can be broken down into two phases: design and construction.

The design process consists of gathering idea gathering, research, and planning. During this phase you, the homeowner, will work with Grinsted Landscaping to gather information about your project. We will go over your desired purpose for your yard, such as a space for you to garden, entertain, or a simply an elegant backdrop for you to relax in. We will go over what features you see yourself using, and what planting style is to be implemented. This design phase ends with you receiving a complete plan that proposes location and material for hardscapes, outdoor living features, and plants. 

Once a design is in place, the construction phase can begin. This is the part where you, the customer, can sit back and watch the magic take place as your plan comes to life. Grinsted Landscaping will hand select all hardscape and plant material to ensure only the highest quality of material is being used at your home. This phase ends with a complete landscape transformation that's ready to be enjoyed by you and your friends. Although the transformation is complete, doesn't mean the end of our relationship. Grinsted Landscaping prides themselves on being your one stop shop continuing to ensure your landscape thrives for years to come.

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